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Holidays Homework  

Holidays Homework

(Summer Vacations June'2018)

Class 6th
Class 7th
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Class 8th

Computer Homework

  • Write the details of the computer network of your school and also write the names of some devices using wireless signals which you use in your day to day life.
  • List different gagets which use infrared technology at your home.
Class – 9th
Class X
Class – XI

Economics :-

1. Solve the back exercise of mean , diagrammatic presentation and tabular presentation.

2. Revise the whole syllabus ( which has been completed till 30th May 2018).

Business Studies:

             Revise the chapter first and second with case studies.


1. Revise chapter 1 : Introduction to Accounting and ch-2 Basic Accounting terms.

2. Solve the numerical questions of back exercise (Accounting equation and Journal ).

Informatics Practices

  1. Revise MySQL


  1. Define Unit vector.                                                                                                     
  2. Differentiate between average velocity and instantaneous velocity.                      
  3. State the laws
  1. Law of conservation of linear momentum

(II)        Law of conservation of electric charge.

4.Name the basic and supplementary unit ofphysical quanties inSI.

5.Write the dimensional formulae for

        (i) Force   (ii) Torque   (iii) Angle  (iv)Momentum (v) Coefficient of viscosity  

6.Check the correctness of a relation


7.Derive by method of dimensions, an expression for the time period(t) of oscillation of the simple pendulum, assuming that this time period depends upon

(i) Length of pendulum (L)

  (ii) Acceleration due to gravity (g).                                                                                

8. What do you mean by error in the measurement of a physical quantity? Explain

  (i) Systematic error (ii) Random error. 

9.  The period of oscillation of simple pendulum in an experiment is recorded as 2.63 s , 2.56 s , 2.42 s , 2.71 s and 2.80 s respectively. Find the time period, absolute error in each observation, mean absolute error and percentage error.

10. What is parallax?  Discuss parallax method for determination the distance of a nearbystar.                                                                                                                                                  

11.What do you mean by Vector and Scalar quantities? Identify the vector and Scalar quantities from the following 

   (i) Force (ii) Temperature (iii) Power                     (iv) Momentum.                   

12. (i)  Using v-t Graph for uniformly accelerated motion of a particle or body, derive the relation for velocity and displacement

  (ii) A bus at rest accelerates uniformly to a velocity of 54 km/h in 20 sec. How much distance is travelled by the bus in 20 Sec?                                                                                    


13.   What do you mean by relative velocity of body A with respect to body B. Derive expression for it. Discuss special cases.

14. State and prove triangle law of vectors. Discuss the special cases.

15. State and prove polygon law of vectors addition.

16. Numericals related to topics.

Class – XII

Economics :-

1. Solve the numerical of back exercise( demand, supply and cost )

2. Learn the questions or topics ( chapter wise) for practice.

3. Draw the diagrams, especially of Price Determination in note book for practice.

4. Revise whole syllabus ( which has been completed till 30th May 2018).

Business Studies:

            Revise Chapter 1 to 6 with case studies.


1. Solve the numerical questions of Back Exercise (Accounting for Partnership Firms, Goodwill – Nature and Valuation, Change in Profit sharing Ratio among the Existing Partners, Admission of a Partner).

2. Revise whole syllabus ( which has been completed till 30th May 2018).

Informatics Practices

  1. Revise MySQL Complete
  2. Solve Q.No.3,5,6 from eight previous year papers (Given in class)


1. Define mobility. Write its SI units.                                                                                 

2. If a wire is stretched to double its original length without loss of mass, what will be the new resistivity?                                                                                               

3. An electric dipole when held at 300 with respect to a uniform electric field of 104 N/C experienced a torque of 9 X 106Nm. Calculate dipole moment of the dipole.                                                                                                                                                  

4. Suppose the color band sequence of a resistor is green, brown, yellow and gold. What is the effective resistance of the resistor as per color code?                                                                                                                                                                                                        

5. Differentiate between emf and potential. Find the relation between emf and potential.                                                                         

6. An infinite line charge produces a field of 9 X 104 N/c at a distance of 4cm. Calculate the linear charge density.                                                                                             

7. Define electrostatic potential energy. Obtain an expression for electrostatic potential energy of the configuration of system of threecharges.                                     

8. In a meter bridge shown in the figure, the balance point is found to be 40 cm from one end. If a resistance of 10 ohm is connected in series with R, balance point is obtained 60 cm from the same end. Calculate the values of R and S.                                         

9. (i) Define electric flux. Write its SI unit.

    (ii) Using Gauss’s law, prove that the electric field at a point due to uniformly charged infinite plane sheet is independent of the distance from it.                             

10. What do you mean by resistance of a conductor? Find the expression of resistance in terms of relaxation time.                                                                                                                                            

11. State Kirchhoff’s rules. Use this rulesto obtain the principle of wheatstone bridge.                                                                                           

12. State the principle of potentiometer. Explain with the help of circuit diagram, how it is used to compare emf’s of two cells.

13. What do you mean by equipotential surface? Draw the equipotential surface  due (i) point charge (ii) dipole.

14. Find the expression of electric field due to dipole on the (i) axial line (ii) equatorial plane.

15. Write practical’s on practical note book.

16. Numericals NCERT BOOK (additional exercise also)